BFF | We were guests at "10 years Regielounge"

Yesterday evening we were invited to the 10 year anniversary party of the Regielounge at Düsseldorf's Nachtresidenz. The BFF created especially for this event a showreel which presents the work of its photographers in Nordrhein-Westfalen which was well received.

Apart from the usual nice party atmosphere, several nice showreels from different directors made it a worthwhile and fun evening.

German Design Award 2015 | "Save the ingots" got nominated

The “Save the ingots” animation just won a Red Dot Design Award and already the next possible award might wait for the small metal cylinders. I just received a notice that the Germanan Design Council nominated the animation for the German Design Award in the category “Excellent communications design – Audiovisual and digital media”.

Let’s hope that they are as successful as at the latest Red Dot Award ceremony.

Baggit | Fake fur bags – First look at the cheetah

This is the first iteration. Mouth area, nose and eyes still need quite some work. Ears are a bit tricky as there is no real reference available. But luckily there are other cats species not covered with this amount of fuzzy fur, giving more hints towards correct ear shapes than the cheetah.

Baggit | Fake fur bags – Three new quadrupeds under construction

Just started on a new project which includes several furry creatures. Not as hairy as the yeti, but nonetheless the amount of hair will be tough to handle. At the moment the shapes of the three animals get developed. The three mammals are a zebra, a cheetah and an impala.
Here are the first meshes of the impala. While the head is 80% there, the body will be the next thing to be shaped. The cheetah and zebra will follow.

Red Dot Design Award 2013 | Dentsply's "Save the ingots" – Time to party!

Good news: The animation “Save the Ingots – Use Crypton” is Red Dot Design Award – Winner 2013!

The accolade of the Red Dot Design Award, the “Red Dot”, is an internationally recognised quality label for excellent design in several design disciplines. Quoting Red Dot: “Red Dot represents more than just a design competition: as design promoters we spread the idea of design internationally; we highlight the importance of design for business and society, and as trend experts present the latest developments in design”.

This year´s Red Dot Competition attracted 6,800 competitors from 43 nations. The Ingots were some of the lucky ones – get the party started!

Dentsply | "Save the ingots" premiers at International Dental Show Cologne

Ingots 3D animation finished on time for world premiere on the 35th International Dental Show in Cologne.

The movie “Save the Ingots – use Crypton” promotes the advantages of a new material called crypton for the production of dental superstructures. Since the production thereof has previously involved difficult work for the dental technician in casting so-called ingots, the film features the advantages of working with this new and clean non-precious alloy.

Inspired by the idea of creating ambassadors for the product by demonstrating how the Ingots are rescued from their daily desolation, me and my team started to invent “The world of the Ingots” – A real challenge as we were very limited in time. Now, the movie will be shown for the first time on the IDS 2013 being the world´s leading trade fair for the dental industry with over 125,000 visitors.

Hope, they all have fun with the Ingots!

LIA AND GOLDEN HAMMER 2012 | Hot Wheels Mice successful!

Awards at London International Awards and Golden Hammer

Hip -hip- hooray! The three tiny urban residents won several prizes at these year’s advertising festivals. They collected altogether 5 prizes. LIA presented the hairy fellows with a Silver award for “Use of Illustration/Campaign” and Riga even decorated them with three Golden ones. Verrrry nice!

LIA 2012
Silver / Use of Illustration / Campaign

Golden Hammer 2012
Gold / Print / Grumpy – Limpy – Baldy
Gold / Outdoor Posters / Grumpy – Baldy
Gold / Craft / Photography / Baldy – Limpy
Diploma / Craft / Christmas Cards

Wired magazine | Apocalypse not cover

Mushroom cloud goes front page.

Another front page! This time for the American version of Wired magazine.

After receiving a call on a Monday night I started this project on short notice.
With little to no time of pre-production I managed to build the image of a mushroom cloud explosion around a project I worked on several years before. So even if the time frame of 3 production days sounded more than unlikely to be sufficient for this kind of project, I managed to complete it on time.

While the technical know-how was still available the cloud needed a complete rebuild in order to be able to come up with an animated version for the iPad version of Wired. I’m very excited to post this version very soon, too.

The September 2012 issue will reveal “Why the world won’t end in 2012 … or anytime soon. Hopefully they’ll be proven correct.

Trident White | Don't coffee-block your smile

Fresh breath and smile with Trident White and JWT New York

In this campaign for New York based advertising agency J. Walter Thompson, I did have the chance to work together with creative director Matt McKay and art director John Cox for Trident White chewing gum.

There’s no need to be afraid to flash a smile after chewing Trident White to prevent stains that come from eating and drinking your favorite foods.

I scouted out great coffee shops to serve as backgrounds for this tabletop shoot, in addition to shooting specially illustrated paper cups by Josh Harvey and Ana Gomez.

EPICA AWARDS 2011 | Panda, Rhino and Gorilla win silver

Ogilvy & Mather’s WWF tuna fish campaign successful at Epica awards

Ogilvy & Mather’s awareness campaign for the WWF, planned by Chris Garbut, Benoît Raynert and Arnaud Vanhelle, won two silver awards at the 2011 Epica awards. Both awards were won in the public interest category.

Hopefully the perception of the campaign in the public will be equally strong, making a change for the better.