Ogilvy & Mather’s latest campaign for the WWF

Being one of the most appreciated fish species for excellent sushi, the bluefin tuna is close to extinction. Prices for its meat go up through the roof. In January 2011 one tuna got sold at Tokyo’s famous fish market “Tsukji” for nearly 400.000$, more than 1.000$ per kilo.

Both the incredible demand for the tasty fish and the enormous economical interest of the fishing industry are responsible for incredible fast decline of the bluefin tuna population world wide. Ocean biologists expect that within 3-5 years there won’t be any more bluefin tuna left in the Mediterranean Sea alone.

Part of the bluefin tuna’s problem is the public awareness. While pandas, rhinos and gorillas are well known for their small populations and their status as endangered animals, the bluefin tuna remains rather unknown. Ogilvy & Mather Paris now tries to change this.

The mastermind responsible for this campaign for the World Wildlife Fund is the creative team around Chris Garbut (CD), Benoît Raynert (AD) and Arnaud Vanhelle (CW).