• Kaboom! – Leo Burnett/Paris busts HIV

    Wishing it could be so simple like in this unconventional approach to destroy the human immunodeficiency virus Leo Burnett developed a new ad for the Sidaction association. Since 1994 Sidaction is putting its efforts into increasing the awareness of the HI virus and raising funds for its treatment and scientifical research. Eric Esculier and Stephane Santana from Leo Burnett/Paris collaborated with me in creating the look of the virus and supervised its destruction.

    Since the simplicity of the kaboom treatment is so alluring hopefully people will be generous enough to contribute, supporting those who already need to deal with the consequences of an infection and increasing the chances to find a cure or vaccine one day.

  • Knowing what it is

    wirtschaftswoche_mosquitofant_web_40x22,5Jung von Matt/Spree does have a new pet

    I’m happy to announce that Jung von Matt/Spree gave me the chance to extend the slowly growing zoo in my portfolio. Just another nice animal to whom I could give birth. Also there has been no pregnancy involved, at least not on my side, it was quite a little journey. CD Florian Kitzing and AD Matthias Preuss shaped and discovered with me the “little” fellow which is well known from the german saying “Aus einer Mücke eine Elefanten machen” (Make an elefant out of a mosquito, aka, to make a mountain out of a mole hill).

    The expedition involved switching from the initially casted African elephant to an Indian elephant and then altering the appearance to something more mosquito like.

    Well, in the end it’s hard to tell what it really is, but German business magazine “Wirtschaftswoche” will know for sure and inform their readers about it.

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