• Panda, Rhino and Gorilla win silver

    NewsPandaMaskOgilvy & Mather’s WWF tuna fish campaign successful at Epica awards

    Ogilvy & Mather’s awareness campaign for the WWF, planned by Chris Garbut, Benoît Raynert and Arnaud Vanhelle, won two silver awards at the 2011 Epica awards. Both awards were won in the public interest category.

    Hopefully the perception of the campaign in the public will be equally strong, making a change for the better.

  • Short tails

    Discovering fellow lodgers together with Hotwheels and Ogilvy Budapest

    Together with creative director Will Rust I embarked on a small journey around the house to tell some “short tails”.

    Especially the excessive usage of toy cars of the famous “Hotwheels” brand and its effects on the life of some little rodents were the main points of our interest.

    All three images were created from scratch with the help of computer graphics. This involed the development of the mice, their rigging and texturing as the building of the virtual sets.

  • Keep on going, bunny!

    The Duracell bunny on a rescue mission for Ogilvy & Mather Paris

    Hard times for tiny, pink, fluffy bunnies.

    In a world with an increasing amount of mobile devices chances to run low on batteries aren’t unlikely. Duracell’s new battery packs will connect via USB to your phone or Mp3 player to drastically enhance the number of hours you are able to listen to your favourite music or talk to your friends and colleagues.

    Creative director Chris Garbutt and art director Benoit Raynert sent the Duracell bunny on its mission to reanimate a cellular phone in dire need of a bit of energy.

    Both bunny and the bus set were fully created from scratch with the help of computer graphics.

  • Would you care more if I was a …?

    NewsGorillaMaskOgilvy & Mather’s latest campaign for the WWF

    Being one of the most appreciated fish species for excellent sushi, the bluefin tuna is close to extinction. Prices for its meat go up through the roof. In January 2011 one tuna got sold at Tokyo’s famous fish market “Tsukji” for nearly 400.000$, more than 1.000$ per kilo.

    Both the incredible demand for the tasty fish and the enormous economical interest of the fishing industry are responsible for incredible fast decline of the bluefin tuna population world wide. Ocean biologists expect that within 3-5 years there won’t be any more bluefin tuna left in the Mediterranean Sea alone.

    Part of the bluefin tuna’s problem is the public awareness. While pandas, rhinos and gorillas are well known for their small populations and their status as endangered animals, the bluefin tuna remains rather unknown. Ogilvy & Mather Paris now tries to change this.

    The mastermind responsible for this campaign for the World Wildlife Fund is the creative team around Chris Garbut (CD), Benoît Raynert (AD) and Arnaud Vanhelle (CW).

  • Flemish masters revisited

    Early 17th century still life poster

    In another fruitful collaboration with Kirsten Benoufa, stylist with the LIGAWEST styling agency in Düsseldorf, this recent photograph came into existence. Impressed by the style and composition of 17th century still lifes, created for instance by Flemish artist Clara Peeters or Dutch painters like Pieter Claesz or Willem Claeszoon Heda, we embarked on this personal project.

    In the tradition of the vanitas paintings the image consists of reminders of decay, ageing and the certainty of death. Like the fruit, which is now colourful, vivid and sweet and in the next moment pallid, rotten and inedible.

    Contrary to other recent projects this image has been shot pretty straight forward with only little involvement of CGI and post production. For those wondering which part is CGI: It’s tiny, crawling and often the reason to call the pest control.

  • Excellent! – Mückofant gets awarded

    Mosquitofant_NewsThe German art directors club presents the cute being an award in this year’s creative competition.
    The award has been won in the “Out of home > Outdoor single motive” category.

    Thanks ADC, thanks Mückofant!

  • Kaboom! – Leo Burnett/Paris busts HIV

    Wishing it could be so simple like in this unconventional approach to destroy the human immunodeficiency virus Leo Burnett developed a new ad for the Sidaction association. Since 1994 Sidaction is putting its efforts into increasing the awareness of the HI virus and raising funds for its treatment and scientifical research. Eric Esculier and Stephane Santana from Leo Burnett/Paris collaborated with me in creating the look of the virus and supervised its destruction.

    Since the simplicity of the kaboom treatment is so alluring hopefully people will be generous enough to contribute, supporting those who already need to deal with the consequences of an infection and increasing the chances to find a cure or vaccine one day.

  • Knowing what it is

    wirtschaftswoche_mosquitofant_web_40x22,5Jung von Matt/Spree does have a new pet

    I’m happy to announce that Jung von Matt/Spree gave me the chance to extend the slowly growing zoo in my portfolio. Just another nice animal to whom I could give birth. Also there has been no pregnancy involved, at least not on my side, it was quite a little journey. CD Florian Kitzing and AD Matthias Preuss shaped and discovered with me the “little” fellow which is well known from the german saying “Aus einer Mücke eine Elefanten machen” (Make an elefant out of a mosquito, aka, to make a mountain out of a mole hill).

    The expedition involved switching from the initially casted African elephant to an Indian elephant and then altering the appearance to something more mosquito like.

    Well, in the end it’s hard to tell what it really is, but German business magazine “Wirtschaftswoche” will know for sure and inform their readers about it.

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