• R&D | Houdini | Pyro | Fire_001_b_0037

    Research and development.

  • R&D | Houdini | Pyro | Fire_001_a_0012

    Research and development.

  • Dentsply | Celtra | Press | Crystal cave

    Visualisation for Dentsply.

  • Kaspersky | Detectives | Film

    These videoa are part of a series of short clips produced to introduce the speakers at the “Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit 2016” in Tenerife, Spain.

    We shot the portraits with Blackmagic and Red cameras. The Blackmagic was used because of its superb raw mode shooting .dngs, while the Red Dragon was necessary because of its frame rate for the slow motion effect.

    Particle effects were created in Houdini and rendered in Redshift for Softimage. Compositing entirely done in Nuke.

    Additional to the clips print motives were shot in high resolution with DSLR cameras.

    Sounddesign for the clips by Audioversum, Düsseldorf.

    Sergey Novikov

    Sergey Golovanov

    Ryan Naraine

    Nicolas Brulez

    Maria Garnaeva

    Juan Andrés Guerrero-Saade

    Eugene Kaspersky

    Darya Skilyazhneva

    Costin Raiu

  • Degudent – IDS 2015 | Promotional video

    Just finished for this year’s International Dental Show 2015. A promotional video presenting the main business areas in which the Dentsply/Degudent cooperation is operating.

  • Dentsply | Celtra | Duo | Packaging proposal 002

    This is a video from the same project after the packaging design went through some changes.
    The design is close to the final version the client chose.

  • Dentsply | Celtra | Duo | Packaging proposal 001

    This is a product visualization I did recently for the agency Kinoblau. It’s about a new way to wrap up glass ceramic blocks for dental CAD/CAM milling machines.
    The packaging itself was constructed in Softimage with the help of ICE to bend the cardboards into the final shape. Changes could be easily made by replacing null objects on the flat cardboard.

  • R&D | Rigid Body Dynamics | 001

    Quick test for an upcoming project with Rigid Bodies in Softimage. Most of it done with ICE and Exocortex’s Momentum.
    The tricky part is the alignment of the bodies with the surface normal. After bending my head around the different forces available I finally stumbled across a rather simple but efficient way to do this.

  • R&D | Custom Fur System | 001

    Fur test with Softimage, Redshift and my custom ICE based strand system. While the fluffy look is there and the fur feels smooth, the Brute Force GI could use even more samples to reduce the noise.

  • Ingots are nominee for the German Design Award 2015

    NewsPandaMask“Save the ingots” receives next nomination for Design Award.

    The “Save the ingots” animation just won a Red Dot Design Award and already the next possible award might wait for the small metal cylinders. I just received a notice that the Germanan Design Council nominated the animation for the German Design Award in the category “Excellent communications design – Audiovisual and digital media”.
    Let’s hope that they are as successful as at the latest Red Dot Award ceremony.

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