• Impossible

  • R&D | Houdini | Pyro | Fire_001_b_0037

    Research and development.

  • R&D | Houdini | Pyro | Fire_001_a_0012

    Research and development.

  • Season’s greetings and a great new 2018 to all of you!!!

    White-bearded man with glasses in front of red background, pixels on screen, approx. 2017

  • Christmas 2016

    Have a wonderful xmas and a perfect 2017.

  • Dentsply | Celtra | Press | Crystal cave

    Visualisation for Dentsply.

  • Spanish still life


    Inspired by Juan Sánchez Cotán’s “Quince, Cabbage, Melon and Cucumber”, 1602

  • Kaspersky | Detectives | Film

    These videoa are part of a series of short clips produced to introduce the speakers at the “Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit 2016” in Tenerife, Spain.

    We shot the portraits with Blackmagic and Red cameras. The Blackmagic was used because of its superb raw mode shooting .dngs, while the Red Dragon was necessary because of its frame rate for the slow motion effect.

    Particle effects were created in Houdini and rendered in Redshift for Softimage. Compositing entirely done in Nuke.

    Additional to the clips print motives were shot in high resolution with DSLR cameras.

    Sounddesign for the clips by Audioversum, Düsseldorf.

    Sergey Novikov

    Sergey Golovanov

    Ryan Naraine

    Nicolas Brulez

    Maria Garnaeva

    Juan Andrés Guerrero-Saade

    Eugene Kaspersky

    Darya Skilyazhneva

    Costin Raiu

  • Kaspersky | Detectives | Print










  • BFF | Jump #3 exhibition a great success


    On the 18th of June 2015 the BFF Germany (Association of Freelance Photographers) hosted almost simultaneously its latest exhibition project in three major German metropolises, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart.

    Contrary to all its former exhibition projects no images were presented directly in the exhibition rooms. The visitors, equipped with their smart phones, tablets and an augmented reality app discovered the images via visual bar codes attached to the walls and stands. Once scanned the images from the phtographers appeared on the screen, following the movements of the digital device in space perspectivly correct.

    The event received an enormous media echo in more than 70 print publications and on German television. The background of the exhibition that images nowadays are consumed more and more solely through digitial media was depicted in almost all articles.

    I’m glad that I was part of the team of exhibiting photographers. Thanks Axel for all the photos shot on the evening!



    All photos shot by Axel M. Mosler.

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