• BFF | We were guests at “10 years Regielounge”

    Yesterday evening we were invited to the 10 year anniversary party of the Regielounge at Düsseldorf’s Nachtresidenz. The BFF created especially for this event a showreel which presents the work of its photographers in Nordrhein-Westfalen which was well received.

    Apart from the usual nice party atmosphere, several nice showreels from different directors made it a worthwhile and fun evening.

  • Don’t coffee block your smile

    Fresh breath and smile with Trident White and JWT New York

    In this campaign for New York based advertising agency J. Walter Thompson, I did have the chance to work together with creative director Matt McKay and art director John Cox for Trident White chewing gum.

    There’s no need to be afraid to flash a smile after chewing Trident White to prevent stains that come from eating and drinking your favorite foods.

    I scouted out great coffee shops to serve as backgrounds for this tabletop shoot, in addition to shooting specially illustrated paper cups by Josh Harvey and Ana Gomez.

  • Flemish masters revisited

    Early 17th century still life poster

    In another fruitful collaboration with Kirsten Benoufa, stylist with the LIGAWEST styling agency in Düsseldorf, this recent photograph came into existence. Impressed by the style and composition of 17th century still lifes, created for instance by Flemish artist Clara Peeters or Dutch painters like Pieter Claesz or Willem Claeszoon Heda, we embarked on this personal project.

    In the tradition of the vanitas paintings the image consists of reminders of decay, ageing and the certainty of death. Like the fruit, which is now colourful, vivid and sweet and in the next moment pallid, rotten and inedible.

    Contrary to other recent projects this image has been shot pretty straight forward with only little involvement of CGI and post production. For those wondering which part is CGI: It’s tiny, crawling and often the reason to call the pest control.

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